Accept Yourself

We may find it a little relieving to acknowledge that we are never going to be the person who thrives on structure, order and a completely controlled environment. And that’s OK. We are who we are. We have to let our creative minds fly around and be free, and we need to appreciate that in ourselves. We should also have respect for our brothers and sisters in this world who must have everything in it’s right place because there is plenty of room in this world for the both of us! In fact it is, to borrow an old saying, “what makes the world go round”. It takes all types.

We deserve appreciation and respect from our more orderly counterparts and we have to appreciate and respect the need for order in the world and the need for it in our own lives, work studios, and offices. I wanted to talk about this because sometimes as artists jokes are made at our expense regarding organization, timeliness,(untimeliness) and structure. Yes, go ahead, laugh all you Super-organizing friends (freaks) of ours. (Sorry bout that) But it’s really not our faults. Although we all use both sides of our brain, the right side of the brain, as pointed out in the findings of Dr. Robert W. Sperry of the California Institute of Technology , is the side that controls our creative output. This side has little to do with calculation of time and of order. As Artists, this is the side of the brain that we “prefer” and this is the side that influences our decisions and actions.

So, accept your amazing, free-flying, artful self.


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