The Primitive List

So let’s call this “part III” of my rant on organizational acceptance.

We artists have busy minds.  We are not your ordinary, conventional planners, and yet,  we want to see our ideas come to fruition.  So, we need some sort of plan and we don’t want to feel defeated when we fall short of our organizational goals.

  We can establish a system of
organization that is comfortable for us individually. Good news, my artful brothers and sisters!  There is hope : I call it “The List”.

 sometimes I find that my brain is going in so many directions of possibilities, that I don’t get anything done. So, after tidying up my workspace, I start “The List”. This is a
super-simple and primitive idea I know, but I think that the good ol’ pencil to
paper attack really sorts the mind, and causes one to focus. I have lots of
electronic devices with which to list things, but in my opinion there is nothing
like pencil and paper. Pencil says:” I can erase this idea if I don’t like it.”
Paper says: “I can rip this thing to shreds if things go South.” See? The paper
and pencil list is very empowering.

Lately, I have been making out a list of steps I have to take in order to get from point A to point B with my business of jewelry making and metal smithing. For instance, after I met so many nice people at a recent craft fair my list was as follows:

1. email all my customers to thank them for buying

2. Email all the fellow vendors I met to tell them how cool they are.
3. Facebook pictures of the event, and/or new creations

4. Tweet about the event, and tweet pics of the event

5. Work on Special orders and Store orders

6. Update my online store with current pictures of my new pieces

7. Update ledger (yikes! another thing we’re not good at!) with latest receipts and calculate expenses vs sales
 8. Follow up on leads for further business

“The List” is both helping me and keeping me a bit more focused. The more I stick to my list, the more evidence I have that I am making progress and getting things done.

Your job? Finding the organizational style that works for you and makes you prosper.
Until next time!



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