Fingerprints Record Shop


Music has an undeniable affect on our lives. It can make us happy, sad, contemplative or otherwise.
The influence that music has had on all areas within the arts is also apparent.

When I want to get things made in my studio, certain songs stir me to creativity and move me along to productivity. I love that I can choose a favorite tune on my device, build a playlist around it, and then work away.

But at those times when I am at a creative loss, I need some fresh air. I need a little visual and musical stimulation.
One of the best places for me to visit during these times is Fingerprints Music Shop in Long Beach California.

Not only is it one of the lasts of the walk-in music stores, Fingerprints is a place that highlights new up and coming musicians, as well as paying homage to the old standbys in Jazz, rock, world music, R&B and anything in between. There is almost no genre that isn’t included in its inventory, including vinyl records, CDs, books and magazines on music, shirts, paraphernalia, and other odd gifts. It is visually stimulating, and the staff is clearly made up of music lovers/aficionados.

If you can, escape to this bricks and mortar shop that is sure to get you thinking creatively. If not, visit their website and try to soak up the inspiration.

O & M

Fingerprints record shop
420 E.4th Street
Long Beach, CA 90814


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