Lyons Art Supply


When I was a kid growing up in Long Beach, there were a few places that made me happy inside.

One place was the then newly renovated Downtown Long Beach Main Library.
It was HUGE. I was 12, and It opened up the whole world to me.

But riding my bike on the way home from the Library was the Other place that made me happy inside.

Lyons Art Supply was located on the south side of 4th street in Downtown Long Beach near the corner of Elm. It was a warehouse-sized building with rows and rows of paper, pads, brushes, pencils, canvases and most things needed for a creative life. Oblivious at the time, I am sure the proprietors weren’t always happy to see the kid who went up and down rows of supplies without ever buying anything, but for me, just being there opened up the world of the artist to me.

Today, the new Lyons Art Supply is located just across the street on the north side of 4th street in a smaller building just a bit closer to Elm. It is trim and sleek now, with shiny cement floors, but it still has that feeling of creative possibility when you walk in. There is a large selection of books, sketch pads, pens and brushes letting you know that there’s a creative forever before you.

Take a look at these photos and tell me you don’t want to start a new project.

O & M

Lyons Art Supply
441 E. 4th Street
Long Beach, CA


2 thoughts on “Lyons Art Supply

  1. STACY says:

    I can totally relate to this! A friend (who is an artist) and I had lunch at a Moroccan restaurant and then she needed to make a quick stop into Lyon’s-just down the street from the restaurant. I had never been to Lyon’s but when I went in, a flood of happy memories sprung up-remembering the times my mom would take me to an art store in Whittier to buy her toll painting supplies. Now, I am not an artist but I have to say that place inspired me! So, the following days after that visit and with the encouragement of my friend, I started to try my hand at sketching. It lasted several days and it was so fun and relaxing. I have all of my supplies handy for the next time I am feel inspired.
    Thanks for sharing this about Lyon’s.!

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