A lovely surprise

I was waiting for my favorite wholesale jewelry supply to open, and I had 20 minutes to spare. It was a fairly quiet downtown LA morning with only a bit a traffic caused by weekend construction. I was short on coffee so I searched for a cafe.

There on the corner about 1 block from where I was waiting was a building with gilded doors. It looked a bit fancy and out of place for the area, but I went closer and I was glad I did.

When I stumbled in I’m sure I had a bit of a surprised look on my face. I sat down and ordered turkey sausages and toast.  The toast came with homemade preserves and a wonderful raspberry butter. Within minutes I was unexpectedly happy. My Americano was the best I’ve had in a while and the sausages were scrumptious. You should definitely stop in to this place if you can.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for looking.


Bottega Louie

700 s. Grand Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90001


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