An Adjusted View

I recently made a trip to New York City.  I used to view it like I think a lot of people do: Large, intimidating, unknowable, gritty. But with my latest visit, I discovered a new found love of this great city and found its beautiful, untidy appeal. 

There are plenty of beautiful monied spots in NYC, but I got so much inspiration from the energy of the city and its beautiful mixed with the untidy. I rode its subways,  took long walks on its streets, and even braved a bike ride in the middle of  its notoriously chaotic traffic. 

I met some nice people, and when you’re open, I found that New Yorkers are most often  open right back. I found inspiration from being surrounded by so much adventurous art, food, and diversity. There’s an open mindedness and excitement that prevails throughout the entire city.

I am now working on some pieces inspired by my recent trip. I hope I can capture some of that energetic beauty  and grit.









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