Samurai Exhibit , Los Angeles

The Samurai exhibit at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) was bursting with culture, color and history. As an outsider to Japanese history, the exhibit was an excercise for my eyes as well as my mind.

I learned that in 792 Japan ended a policy of mandatory military service. From that time on provincial landowners had to rely on private security forces which gave rise to the Samurai class. By 1165 Japan was run by a military government run by the shogunate ruling in the name of the emperor. This arrangement lasted amidst rival clan clashes for nearly 700 years.

In 1868 social and governmental changes occurred in support of the imperial system, slowly displacing the shogunate. Japan opened itself up to the world, ushering in a modern Japan.

Today we are left with a glimpse of that romantic period by viewing the armor and weapons from this intriguing time in history.
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The making of a frog

On Saturday September 13, 2014,
I participated in the “Frog Town” art walk in Los Angeles California. Although it was one of the hottest afternoons on record, hundreds paraded through this quaint neighborhood to take in the many
Studios and work spaces showcasing local artistic talent.

Sandra Mastrionnani graciously allowed me to display and sell jewelry at the Cactus Gallery . I am so grateful for her generosity and support.

Below is the making of a frog pendant designed especially for this event.

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Cactus Gallery
3001 North Coolidge Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA





Alexander Calder

A friend forwarded me these photos (no photos were to be taken. Ahem.) of works from the Alexander Calder exhibit at LACMA this past weekend. I actually attended the exhibition and was inspired by his creations. Who wouldn’t be? His genius of capturing movement with complicated mobile designs was original and fascinating in his time and are still as impressive today. I couldn’t have imagined how complicatedly beautiful, yet whimsical, these works would be in person. I am forever a fan.

Look out for future designs by O&M inspired by this late innovator and artist.

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Distressed Onyx Rings

I got a chance to work In my studio today and catch up on some projects.

Today I made some onyx rings with a deeper bezel so I can create a distressed and textured look around the stone. The rings are made of sterling and fine silver, and I created a hammered texture all around the adjustable band. I can give the ring a natural matte finish or a dark antique one by adding a patina.

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