A desire for simplicity

I love an outfit that shows a sense of style and effortless dressing.

Accessories can make or break a look. It takes thought and care to use them to add to a look rather than detract from it.

I like to take risks, but when it comes to style I always chant the ‘less is more’ mantra….

That’s why I love creating pieces that make a simple quiet statement. I am a big fan of modern and quiet.

Thanks for looking.







Children are fearless

Sometimes the main ingredient missing from our creative process is fearlessness. Often we lose the ability to shed fear after experiencing loss, disappointments, and the realities of living.

That’s the gorgeous thing about being a child. When you are young your mind is free and un burdened. Your eyes are still open in such a way that you just see and do.

This is an example of my 6-year-old daughter asking about one of my favorite artists, Pablo Picasso. She liked his work but was more impressed by a photo of him taken in the late 60’s. what do you think?