A need for community

In this age of fear, I am surprised by people’s determination to be together. Sometimes fear is enlivened by the frenzy-like reporting of the media, churning and repeating over and over the terrible happenings in the world. Some of the fear, I admit is well founded. But for the most part, we are all just humans, loving our families, our friends, and good food. No matter our background, status, or age we just like to hang out . And eat and drink. And of course look at other people.

We love being where others are. It’s entertaining. And even though we don’t all know each other, we kinda do. Because we are all just people.

The Packing House, in Anaheim California, is a great example of our need for community, and it fills it well. The lay-out is interesting and flows well, the small boutique-like bars and cafes are well placed and perfect for conversations and people-watching. There are a variety of ethnic cuisines to make every visitor happy, as well as a few spots for desserts and coffee. You can arrive with your clan, split up to order from the various counters/cafes, and then meet up again with your brood at a communal table, a couch or even a swing.

It’s a place for our times. A good reminder that we really do kinda need each other.





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