A desire for simplicity

I love an outfit that shows a sense of style and effortless dressing.

Accessories can make or break a look. It takes thought and care to use them to add to a look rather than detract from it.

I like to take risks, but when it comes to style I always chant the ‘less is more’ mantra….

That’s why I love creating pieces that make a simple quiet statement. I am a big fan of modern and quiet.

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Alexander Calder

A friend forwarded me these photos (no photos were to be taken. Ahem.) of works from the Alexander Calder exhibit at LACMA this past weekend. I actually attended the exhibition and was inspired by his creations. Who wouldn’t be? His genius of capturing movement with complicated mobile designs was original and fascinating in his time and are still as impressive today. I couldn’t have imagined how complicatedly beautiful, yet whimsical, these works would be in person. I am forever a fan.

Look out for future designs by O&M inspired by this late innovator and artist.

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Distressed Onyx Rings

I got a chance to work In my studio today and catch up on some projects.

Today I made some onyx rings with a deeper bezel so I can create a distressed and textured look around the stone. The rings are made of sterling and fine silver, and I created a hammered texture all around the adjustable band. I can give the ring a natural matte finish or a dark antique one by adding a patina.

Thanks for looking.